Samsung Galaxy Note 5 November patch rolling out in India

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 November patch rolling out in India”

Having finished rigorously testing the iPhone X, the magazine's newly published final report states that Apple's notch-sporting Animoji machine is a poorer choice for buyers than Samsung's elite trio. It does not have the size or the features or the battery life but at $1000 dollars, the iPhone X is a vulnerable phone.

"If not for the damage in that durability test, the iPhone X would have come in ahead of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus", says Richard Fisco, head of smartphone testing at CR.

Samsung said on Tuesday that it's now mass-producing 512GB flash storage chips that will enable smartphone makers to launch new smartphones that provide users with extra space for movies, music and apps.

Although the iPhone X didn't stand the durability and battery test, it beat all the smartphones' cameras and earned the highest camera score out of all the smartphones tested by Consumer Reports. The phones are checked for damage after 50 drops and then again after 100.

With ten years of iPhones under Apple's belt, the company wants to celebrate the occasion with the iPhone X. From the near bezel-less display on the front to the powerful guts on the inside, there ...

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is heavily rumored to be debuting at the start of next year.

Also the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus scored higher than the iPhone X. Even though the iPhone X has a new FaceID feature to unlock the phone, animation compatibility, OLED screen and a glass back. But Consumer Reports' findings differ from other iPhone X and iPhone 8 drop tests. The patent outlines a device with a flexible display allowing to be folding in half, somewhat in the shape of a wallet.

SamMobile added, "That would make it harder for someone just glancing at your phone to see what's being displayed, while being simple enough for your mind to suddenly light up and recall that forgotten password". It will be interesting to see how Samsung's J5 Prime will fare against these devices. The phone seems to unlock as soon as you pick it up and even think about making a call. These two smartphones are followed by the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone 8 in number third and fourth position respectively.

One out of three iPhone X model suffered serious body damage, while the other two have display issues.

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