Syrian media: Israel struck near Damascus for second time in days

Syrian media: Israel struck near Damascus for second time in days”

According to pro-regime Radio Sham FM, this video shows a surface to air missile being launched towards Israeli forces.

On Saturday Syrian state media said Israeli missiles struck a military position south of Damascus, and in September Israel attacked a Syrian military site believed to be linked to chemical weapons production.

Syrian state media said the country's air defenses intercepted at least two Israeli missiles fired at a government "military position" in Damascus province, but that the attack still caused damage.

Last week the semi-official Iranian news agency Fars quoted Mohammad Golpayegani, a senior Iranian official, as saying that a CIA representative sent a letter to Gen Soleimani when he was in the Syrian town of Albu Kamal last month, supervising the battle against ISIL.

According to the report, which was based on a western intelligence source, the Iranian base is some 50 kilometers north of Israel's Golan Heights. If Iran is not rolled back in Syria, then the chances of military confrontation are growing.

The threat in particular is the "prospect of Iran having a proxy army on the borders of Israel".

Yet ISI stressed that the assumption that the site was being used by Iranians was taken from foreign media reports, and that the images alone did not necessarily prove Iranian presence.

Israeli jets are believed to have targeted the facility in the past, with the first reported strike on the center in 2013. "We'll find out in the months ahead, particularly as ISIL melts away and Tehran seeks to fill the void in Iraq and Syria".

The statement came as officials from the US National Security Council flew into Israel for talks with security heads, primarily over the US-Russia agreement. I don't want to tell you by the year or by the month. "The more they push, we have to enforce our red lines ..."

He assigned blame to the Obama administration without mentioning it by name.

According to reports, the deal applies to Iranian proxies fighting on behalf of Assad's regime, which would be required to leave the border area and eventually Syria.

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