Do baguettes knead official protection?

Do baguettes knead official protection?”

"When I see the growing dominance of French supermarkets and convenience stores in the sale of bread, I say to myself that we must act", Antract told the website Atabula, adding that he could not help feeling "indignant" about the quality of what is sold as baguettes in the malls and corner shops.

Bakers in the country were inspired by the sucess of Italy's Naples pizza being added to the list of Unesco's cultural treasures.

UNESCO's aim behind listing "cultural items" is to save traditions from globalization.

President Emmanuel Macron has backed calls from bakers to put the traditional French bread - the baguette - on the list of intangible cultural treasures protected by UNESCO, calling the oblong loaf an "envy of the world".

Why do the French think this is necessary?

According to the decree, the genuine baguette must be made out of four ingredients: flour, water, salt and yeast - and contain no additives.

However the UK is one of few countries that has not signed up the system to protect it's heritage and has no entries on the list.

The idea to officially give the bread World Heritage Status was launched by Dominique Anract, president of national bakery group, la Confédération Nationale de la Boulangerie-Pâtisserie Française.

While the traditional baguette was granted protected status in France in 1993, an addition to the UNESCO list would grant it protection from globalisation.

"The baguette is envied around the world".

Not content with honouring sites like the Great Barrier Reef and Victoria Falls, the UN's cultural organisation also offers protection to "traditions or living expressions" based on their cultural impact and importance. That submission was centred mostly around the rituals that accompany the cuisine: how wines are paired with dishes, how the table is dressed, and the precise placing of glasses and cutlery.

France has already had a number of successful applications for the UNESCO heritage list, including Alecon lace-making and French-style equitation. "There is no history of religion [associated with it]; everyone has it, and it has been part of our humanity since the beginning".

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