Here are the rumored Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ RAM and storage variants

Here are the rumored Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ RAM and storage variants”

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is poised to make its official debut as soon as February, though Samsung decided against to teasing the new smartphone today. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus was rumored to come with 6GB RAM and 64GB internal storage, 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage, and 6GB RAM and 256GB internal storage. The image is in line with previous leaks that suggested similar design language of the Galaxy S9 duo. The Korean company has been working on the feature for years. One version with 512GB internal storage was tipped to appear only if the market demanded it. We'll go ahead and assume the market is a wise old owl who demands larger or smaller storage sizes in phones for now - that seems most pleasing to imagine. The chipset will come with onboard AI, and support 3D facial recognition for biometric authentication to take on Apple iPhone X's Face ID feature. That's unofficial Samsung, not actual Samsung.

The Note 9 won't be the first smartphone to come with the optical fingerprint solution. The rear dual camera sensors are mounted vertically and do not actually consume much space like Samsung Galaxy Note 8 rear camera. A hybrid microSD card slot for further expansion is also likely to be in tow.

Synaptics announced last month that it had started mass production of the ClearID FS9500.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S9 live has been leaked on Reddit revealing the front panel of the device. The internal codes and model numbers of these two phones are Star 1 (SM-G960) and Star 2 (SM-G965) respectively. But you couldn't have all of them. As it turned out, the difference between the almost identical phones will be very substantial. The G6 was the first of many all-screen smartphones that were supposed to launch throughout 2017, but LG made various mistakes which prevented the handset from becoming a success in stores.

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