Lenovo Mirage Solo review — Hands on

Lenovo Mirage Solo review — Hands on”

Google Inc.is now working with OEM partners in a bid to increase the adoption of its Daydream virtual reality (VR) platform.

Smartphone VR is awkward. That means you can duck, jump, and peek around corners to really feel like you are immersed in a new world, without needing additional wires. Similar to VR headsets like the Samsung Gear VR, Disney's headset also relies on a phone for graphics rendering.

Complementing the Mirage Solo is a wireless Daydream controller.

The Mirage Solo is definitely bigger than a regular VR headset, but is still relatively compact when you consider all that it's packing inside. With no cords! That's a huge leap forward, sometimes literally. You can also use the device to run a livestream with just a tap of a button.

Running the Daydream platform, the Mirage Solo will be able to access Google's catalog of VR content and apps like YouTube. Is VR180 something you could get behind?

The camera has 16GB of internal storage and a microSD card slot to increase this by up to 128GB.

Its success is dependent, as always, on the software ecosystem. Because it's integrated into the device, pixels are almost indiscernible to the degree that we didn't find ourselves trying to readjust the headset to get a better look. There are no settings to dive into or user interface to navigate. For this to work, we need to see more 6DOF Daydream headsets, and somebody needs to start writing stuff for them.

The game-play itself is fun, with the lightsaber duels being the clear highlight.

Crisp, three-dimensional immersive photos & videos of the world in wide angle and ultra HD 4K resolution let you relive captured moments with a remarkable sense of presence.

It's a little bit of a misnomer to call the Mirage Camera a "VR" camera.

YI Horizon VR180 seamlessly integrates with YouTube and Google Photos so viewers can easily activate a VR experience when viewed with Google Cardboard, Daydream, PSVR, and a number of other certified VR viewers. Your VR headset, essentially, becomes a pair of fancy 3D glasses.

Lenovo is making a big deal about the Mirage VR camera's point-and-shoot simplicity. The Mirage Solo VR headset is priced at $449, while the Mirage Camera will set you back $229. Viewers can also easily view the content in 2D. See the most important products that will impact businesses and professionals. But before we say "move over, Echo Show", we'll want to see a more final model; Lenovo says the unit we saw is six months from retail. You do have a shutter key on the top, just press it down like a normal camera and it'll take the shot for you.

Lenovo revealed its 180-degree stereoscopic Mirage Camera will start selling Q2 this year starting under $300 for a Wi-Fi only version.

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