Seoul proposes January 15 talks on North Korea's attendance in PyeongChang

Seoul proposes January 15 talks on North Korea's attendance in PyeongChang”

"The United States welcomes the January 9 meeting between the Republic of Korea and North Korea aimed at ensuring a safe, secure and successful Winter Olympics in PyeongChang", Heather Nauert, spokeswoman for the State Department, said in a statement.

Following the joint proposals presented by the governments of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea), Bach said he "warmly" welcomes "the joint proposals by the governments of the ROK and DPRK, which have been applauded by so many other governments worldwide".

Trump expressed interest in holding talks with North Korea "under the right circumstances", according to the White House's account of the call, and said that Vice President Mike Pence will head to South Korea's 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

"The president has had ample opportunity to educate and humble himself to the grave responsibilities of his office".

The proposal follows the high-level inter-Korean talks which took place on Tuesday and represented the first such meeting since December 2015.

John Delury, a China and expert at Yonsei University in Seoul, cautioned that the process is fragile, but said Tuesday's talks are opening up new diplomatic possibilities, in striking contrast to last year.

Making the problem worse is the sheer scale of digital infrastructure used to control everything from layouts of facilities to personnel, operational information, communication links, and weather and target information. "As a former steward of the nuclear launch keys, I've learned about the stability, competence and temperament it takes to hold such a responsibility, and Donald Trump has shown us all he possesses none of those qualities", he said.

With North Korea set to join next month's Winter Olympics in the South, Seoul appears to be struggling with how to accommodate a large-scale delegation of North Korean officials and athletes without violating multi-layered sanctions against Pyongyang.

The rule will not be enforced within the Olympic venues, where IOC protocol applies, but could be an issue elsewhere. The accord stipulates the two will actively cooperate in the Olympics to "enhance the prestige of the Korean people". "I just don't want to comment".

He said North Korea's latest missile test in November indicated it has an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of striking the U.S. mainland, including Washington, D.C.

The leaders of the two Koreas have met only twice for summit talks during their 70 years of division along the world's most heavily fortified border.

"Our weapons have the power to destroy entire nations, including our own nation if he initiates a nuclear war".

When a North Korean flag was draped over a railing at a North-South football game during the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon it was removed by officials.

"The South also delivered a document presenting its position regarding the North's participation in the PyeongChang Olympics and matters on cultural events", the email added.

"(North Korean leader) King Jong Un and his family is a cult in North Korea".

A government official told Yonhap News Agency that Seoul remains firm that it will not seek anything related to the North's participation in the Olympics that could undermine the "basic spirit" of the existing sanctions but admitted that it could be a challenge if the North proposes something that goes against them.

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