Red iPhone 8 arrives, LG G7 ThinQ images leaked

Red iPhone 8 arrives, LG G7 ThinQ images leaked”

Following a set of leaked of renders, LG has officially confirmed its next smartphone release will be the G7 ThinQ.

Well, we are just over three weeks away from the launch of LG G7 ThinQ, however, you can expect more information about this smartphone to pour over on the Internet - either in the form of leaks, or directly from LG. ThinQ branding is LG's initiative to fulfil its goal of thinking from customer's viewpoint in order to provide them with features that are most frequently used by them along with AI technology. It is believed that the availability of the colors would depend on the region, but Aurora Black would be launched in all the markets.

Elsewhere, there's not a whole lot else to speak of at this stage.

On the backside we can see a dual camera setup and a fingerprint reader, but what's important there is, it may not double as the power button this time around. It also seems that the G7 branding will not appear at the rear.

Here's an unadulterated version of Android Headlines' photo for your retinal pleasure.

LG has also revealed that the upcoming smartphone will come with new Voice AI that will allow users to perform certain voice commands. It was first introduced in the V30S, and now it's coming to LG's G-series phones. Android Authority speculates that it may be a dedicated hardware button for LG's artificial intelligence feature.

For optics, it is expected to pack a pair of 16-megapixel cameras at the back. It's likely that, as Huawei has with the P20 and P20 Pro, LG will provide a way of hiding the notch via a setting for those of us with reservations about this trendy new feature. It also "enhances the ability to interact with other devices", according to the translated announcement. LG has confirmed that it will be hosting simultaneous launch events in Seoul and NY on the said date where it will take the wraps off its next flagship phone.

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