Roma vs Barcelona: Owen blames Messi, Suarez for Champions League exit

Roma vs Barcelona: Owen blames Messi, Suarez for Champions League exit”

After taking a 4-1 lead from the first leg tie at the Camp Nou, the unbeaten LaLiga leaders were widely expected to travel to the Stadio Olimpico as a mere formality to honour the fixture as they stroll towards the semi-final stage. Securing the domestic cup as well as La Liga might make Ernesto Valverde's debut campaign at Camp Nou a success; a season in which Rakitic has played a vital role. "It went right. This time it did not".

ANY club in the world would move heaven and earth to sign Lionel Messi.

"But notice how in goal celebrations, the energy is distributed across the 1-10Hz band while in the rock concert you have what we call harmonic structures; energy is localised into precise amplitudes".

At first, it was just an outreach project - something to help get the public enthused about his branch of science. "We're now contacting the engineering schools to see if there is some potential in this".

And the seismogram that perhaps best captures this is Barça's "miracle comeback" against Paris Saint-Germain in last season's Champions League.

"There's no other remedy than to weather the storm and get through the next few days, which are bound to be tough, and focus on winning what's left because we still haven't won anything", added Valverde. He would need to be replaced or, more likely, properly succeeded by Philippe Coutinho'.

Resilience, organisation, an excellent goalkeeper in Marc-Andre ter Stegen, and Messi, have taken Barca a long way this term but when they needed to adapt against Roma, they were found wanting.

Victory over Valencia, who sit third, ahead of Real Madrid, will quickly change the mood. "One is to do with engineering, knowing things about how structures and buildings vibrate due to different movements of people".

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