Microsoft Windows 10 integrations coming to "Your Phone" and PCs

Microsoft Windows 10 integrations coming to

This app will show the user all the things that the user sees on their phone on the PC. The company also announced a $25 million, five-year program to help inspire development of technology that help people with disabilities. For starters, the app will allow you to access texts, notifications, photos on a Windows 10 PC from your smartphone.

The company is already experimenting with its own accessibility tools, such as a "Seeing AI" free smartphone app using computer vision and narration to help people navigate if they're blind or have low vision. Today, your Microsoft Edge browsing sessions on your iPhone or iPad are included in the Timeline experience on your Windows 10 PC. Users will also be able to access notifications on their PC itself thereby eliminating the need to check one's smartphone.

Microsoft has unveiled a new app called Your Phone for Windows 10 at its Build Developer Conference.

"DJI is excited to form this unique partnership with Microsoft to bring the power of DJI aerial platforms to the Microsoft developer ecosystem", said Roger Luo, president at DJI.

"The era of the Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge is upon us". It showed how Cortana users can trigger Alexa to execute commands within Windows 10, while Alexa users can pull Cortana on Echo speakers to launch services.

The app won't be widely available yet, as Microsoft plans to start beta testing of the app with its latest Windows Insider build that's set to go live later this week.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says "privacy is a human right" and that internet users should be in control of their data.

Microsoft's concept of bringing phone support on desktop isn't entirely new. The software giant is said to be introducing new integrations with different mobile OS as announced earlier at the Build 2018 event. The prototype device was capable of identifying the participants and then translate, transcribe the contents of the meeting.

One part of this is Timeline, a feature in Windows 10 that gives you a snapshot of everything you've done on your PC in a reverse-chronological order.

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