NES Classic Going Back On Sale On June 29

NES Classic Going Back On Sale On June 29”

Unfortunately, by mid-2017, the NES Classic Edition was as rare as a legendary Pokemon.

NES and SNES Classics still sell for about $120 - about double the original price - on Craigslist in the Pittsburgh area.

But that's not all, unlike the previous release, this time Nintendo says they're releasing enough consoles so that they will be available until the end of the year. But those who missed out on the NES Classic will have another chance to purchase the console. It, along with the SNES Classic Edition, are expected to be available through the end of the year, the company notes. The NES Classic was originally launched back in November of 2016 and it was immediately sold out. Nintendo discontinued the console a few months later, much to the chagrin of fans everywhere.

Coupled with its recent announcement, the news suggests Nintendo has several strategies - rather than one streamlined approach - to release retro games.

And the good news is that the UK Nintendo Twitter account posted their own message on the subject, confirming that NES Minis will also be restocked in the UK. The gaming console was released past year to a positive response worldwide. 3, Donkey Kong, Balloon Fight and many more.

As such, the Jump Famicom Mini (as we're dubbing it) will come pre-loaded with 20 games based on popular manga that graced the magazine's pages. The included controller can also be plugged into a Wii U to play Virtual Console games. For a full list of games, check Nintendo's site here.

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