New York drops 'Taxi of the Future' plan to help embattled cabbies

New York drops 'Taxi of the Future' plan to help embattled cabbies”

His taxi licence, required to drive for Uber in New York City, has been suspended as the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission was investigating the incident, CNN reported on Wednesday.

A video posted to YouTube by Iovine titled "Uber driver kicks 2 girls out of his car for being gay" shows the moments after the Uber driver booted the women.

"This blatantly discriminatory behavior described by the complainant is repugnant, and will not be tolerated in the City of New York", Fromberg said.

Uber has been battling a series of scandals, including a dysfunctional corporate culture under former CEO Travis Kalanick that spanned allegations of sexual harassment and high-profile executive departures. Its commitment to drivers kicked off in June with Uber's 180 days of change.

A livery cab driver shot himself to death outside City Hall in February after writing a Facebook post blaming politicians for the taxi industry's decline. She then filmed Elbotari telling them, "It's illegal", "It's disrespectful", and "You're not allowed to do this".

Though drivers have had the option to buy the "Taxi of Tomorrow" for years now, the boxy Nissans so far account for only 2,671 of the 13,587 yellow cabs on the road.

This is a story about rideshare services like Uber, legacy taxicab drivers, and a surprising suggestion.

Uber has behavior rules amounting to, basically, no sex in cars.

But both Iovine and Pichl say they kissed once, and were not touching inappropriately.

The Nissan had many selling points: its comfort, spaciousness, fuel-efficiency, "low-annoyance" horn and see-through roof, as well as its USB ports to allow passengers to charge their smartphones.

"We understand that someone would feel uncomfortable if people were making out in the car", Iovine says.

"In circumstances where medallion owner-operators are having a hard time, where technology has changed and demand patterns has changed their environment, we would support some kind of fee or pool to be formed, a hardship fund, call it", Khosrowshahi said.

There was a time when a New York City taxi medallion was a very valuable thing.

Five minutes later, the driver, Ahmad El Boutari, "pulled the cab over and said, 'You should not do that ... do not do that, '" according to Pichl.

During the altercation, when Pichl started recording the scene, 'he grabbed Emma's arm to try to get her to stop, ' Iovine said.

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